About Us



As founders, we knew that with a brand name like Mcrofbre it was important for us to build around it. The plan was to produce premium microfibre products for the Automotive and Detailing industries that were priced and performed well. Finding that balance between premium/performance and price would be by way of real time research, development & testing.

Starting a brand with a single product inventory was an enormous risk and no easy feat. With a SKU that included 40 individual units, volume wasn’t the issue. The balance between price and performance was. Understanding the needs of these industries catalysed the metrics for that very product. The Versatowel was born. A year in development, with quality trumping profit.

With the success of the Versatowel we aimed to do this with a majority of the microfibre products in these industries. We believe our initial product was a true consumable.

A versatile product, capable of tasks such as; tough use on the interior of a vehicle to levelling off ceramic coating on soft clearcoat. It’s a product you will go through a lot.

Other products such as The Reservoir drying towel however are of the highest quality. A non-snagging streak free drying experience with a 70/30 polyester/polyamide blend. It is produced in Korea using grade “A” yarn on Karl Mayer German production equipment and yet more affordable than its industry counterparts.

We are around 18 months ahead with new product design and development,

With innovation now at the forefront.

We are creating and implementing processes which will open up opportunities in the near future.

Our Core Principles remain questions….

“Can we improve it? And in the same breath make it cheaper?”

Exploring and expanding into other industries in the near term future include Spa & Beauty and Home & Decorating. Both of which have an array of microfibre products in need of evolution and products yet to be invented.

The same core principles will apply. There is work to be done.

Team Mcrofbre