Microfibre Drying Towels vs. Chamois Cloth: Which Makes for a Better Choice?

Auto detailing tradition reveals car drying as an essential step, with detailers using natural chamois leather, a natural product for absorbing water. History is a witness to its effectiveness. However, it also has its share of drawbacks. When improperly cared for, the item runs the risk of rotting. To address this issue, experts launched synthetic chamois to combat the ongoing problems. Gradually, it also disappointed shoppers by being ineffective in soaking water from car exteriors, thereby leaving marks on the windows and paintwork.

Fortunately, the process of drying cars has revolutionised, with microfibre drying towels on the horizon. Running side-by-side with chamois, the former features artificial fibres and is designed to be lightweight. Never go by its insubstantial weight; it’s highly durable. They trap dust particles well and prove perfect for wiping down interior trims, dashboards and other surfaces. Despite this, auto enthusiasts, car owners, detailing professionals and car care businesses are torn between the two choices. To make it simpler, here we are today comparing the two. Read ahead to explore which of the two dries the best.

Microfibre Drying Towels – What Makes Them the Most Efficient and Effective?

Microfibre is a thin, synthetic fibre of a diameter smaller than a silk thread. Composed of a polyester and nylon mix, it is measured in grams per square metre (GSM). Always aim for a higher GSM, as it signifies more density and enjoys more moisture absorbency than any ordinary wiping cloth. A decent microfibre drying towel usually has a GSM of at least 250, but the best ones measure 350 GSM or more.

The market today offers various kinds of towels for drying purposes, and edgeless microfibre towels are the most commonly purchased. Wondering why? Well, the absence of a sewn border prevents scratches from occurring over the car exterior, making them safe for high-end car detailing and delicate paintwork on automobiles. Let us summarise all the positive points about them:

• Lint-free, delivering you from worries of smears and streaks
• Safe on paint, thereby cleaning dust without being a threat to your car’s body
• Gentle on car paint and glasses
• Extremely absorbent, holding up to 7x their weight in water
• Quite affordable as compared to chamois
A few things to keep in mind while using them are:
• Launder them frequently
• Take special care of them, including air-drying and washing them separately
• Collect many, as you may need more than one to clean your car
• Learn to use them correctly to prevent streaks on car surfaces
Continue perusing, for we have something more to reveal but before that, let us check out chamois cloth.

Chamois Cloth – A Time-Honoured Tradition in Car Care

Unlike microfibre, it’s a natural choice, though synthetic ones are also available. It has been centuries since car owners have relied on it for cleaning and polishing their rides. Soft, absorbent and lint-free have made them more dependable from time immemorial. However, the cloth can be quite stiff and challenging to work with. When improperly cared for, it may also shrink. It’s no wonder why the automotive detailing industry witnessed the rise of microfibre towels!

• Very expensive; not everyone can afford it
• Deserves proper storage with no contact with dirt or grime
• Works only with water, meaning it requires wetting to use it
• Without a special car, it may harden and be challenging to use
• Not scratch-free when used improperly
It’s not that chamois suffers from innumerable disadvantages. There are, of course, plus points, but those are fewer compared to their microfibre counterparts.

Which of Microfibre and Chamois is the Perfect Drying Companion?

The clear winner is microfibre, which has qualities like durability, super absorbency and gentleness on car exteriors, providing more weightage. Enjoy a streak-free finish with it. On the contrary, chamois may have its share of benefits, but the former choice overpowers it by addressing the drawbacks of traditional options.

Where to Shop Microfibre Drying Towels From?

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